I'm such a sucker (plus: Jennifer Aniston!)

Publish date:
February 3, 2012

I do really like to suck on things. Straws, for example, get mangled by the time I am done with them. But what I started to write here is that I actually thought my friend Jen A was following me, that's how little I know about the twitterverse (yucky yucky portmanteau, no?). I don't think she tweets, but got excited for a minute that she might have started, as

Courteney just did


Little known fact: I met Jennifer when she was a model in a Sassy magazine fashion show in 1988.

Fact you'd never need to know: I hugged someone on the street the other night who I thought was Jen but wasn't. I do that ALL the time, hugging people I don't know. I hugged someone I thought was our office manager, Jules, in our lobby the other day too. I also hug the FedEx guy, but that's on purpose 'cause I'm so thankful for my package. If you are also an inappropriate hugger, you can make me feel better here. Please. Xo