Which of these things do you want most? Part 3

Publish date:
February 8, 2012

The book that I have been dying to read since I heard it was possibly happening. Along with The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, of course. (I really do love that book too, though. It explained to me the voices I'd had in my head since childhood. But for lighter fare...) I mean, come on, the most riveting Real Housewife I've ever seen (note: I only watched the Beverly Hills ones, because I feel like I know that life and wanted to see how it was portrayed). I am fascinated by her and her story.

When I was talking to Dr. Drew yesterday, Taylor walked past the studio and waved to him and I kind of flipped in that way people do with soap opera stars they feel they know because they've spent so much time with them. If Dr. Drew hadn't been TOUCHING ME, I would have probably run out to touch her. Then I almost stole another Sirius XM Radio host's copy of her book (sorry, Howard!) but decided not to and was just rewarded for my non-bad deed because Emily dropped this book off on my desk today! I don't know how I will escape from my work or daughter long enough to read it, but I will, I will.

So which of these three gifties would you be most excited about? Or none? Cake, Fragrance, a juicy juicy book, OR...

PS Speaking of the voices in my head that I've had since childhood, and speaking of being lucky if you think you are lucky (which works -- you can try it): Last night I played a psychic game with my 9-year-old involving holding up cards behind our backs and sending each other ESP messages about what was on the cards and we got them all right! So now I, Worst Mom In The World, plan to use that as a manipulative tactic when she is older and I want her to know that I KNOW what she is really doing so that she will tell me the truth -- like the "I'm watching you" pointing to the eyes and then the kid motion lots of parents use but without having to make that hand signal, which always feels aggressive to me. No offense to those of you who use it.