I'm Getting All Fancied Up To Meet You Today

And how's your hair looking today?
Publish date:
October 9, 2013

This is just a photo from my phone I took last time I was at the hair place, so I'm using it here to invite you to talk to us (or listen to us talk) today at 2 pm ET. Everyone will be there -- Emily, Corynne, Mandy, Lesley, Madeline, Olivia, Lori, me, Annie, Marci, did I forget anyone? I DID! I forgot Abby! Thanks for telling me, Lori. The new girl, Abby will be there too -- duh.It will be fun and juicy and we would love for you to join us. Do you see how I am NOT calling it a staff meeting? Because they are just weird random meetings anyway where we talk about personal stuff and professional stuff and more personal stuff and try to make the personal stuff into ideas we can use on the sites (xoJane and xoVain). If you are free and want to call in, Lori can give you the call-in number. Just tell us below how your hair is today (see how neatly I tied that all together??).

Love you and talk to you soon.