I'm Back! And We're Matching!

Who got the least sleep last night? And wish Mandy a non-crappy birthday right here!
Publish date:
October 24, 2013

Look how matching Olivia and I are today. We are even wearing the exact same t-shirt brand, MeUndies. And if you didn't know how little that tree behind us is, you might even think we were average-sized, unlike how dwarf-like we appear in photos with all of the tall girls here at xoJane.

I am so happy to be back from LA and reunited with these guys after what seemed like a long-ass (I want to add "ass" to the end of everything these days) three days. Just a little tired --

my yesterday lasted from 4 am in LA to 2 am in NYC and then started

here again at 7 and I want to know if I get the sleep deprivation prize today or not. BUT my fake eyelashes from TV are still holding strong on my left eye, so that side of my face looks awake!

I stayed with my friend Courteney while I was out there, which also means we try to talk as much as possible and therefore sleep as little as possible. (And there was no other reason to tell you that than for the name-drop, not even well woven-in. I will do better next time, I promise. But she is doing great.)

And in case you don't already know, today is MANDY'S BIRTHDAY! Please wish her a happy birthday here and feel free to tell me/her why you love her so much (one idea to get you started: she was responsible for getting Daisy Coleman to write that superlative article for us last week). Go ahead and use your sweetness to help her have the great bday she deserves. XO