I'm Alive!

Publish date:
October 31, 2011

Thanks so much for all of your well-wishes. I got all the vibes you sent and kept trying to look at the process as fun and interesting, partly thanks to those nice vibes and prayers, so really thank you.

Like being carried down some steeeep stairs on the gurney into the ambulance with one of those lovely vomit-catchers around my neck. (I'm sure this is such a turn on.)

Riding in an ambulance! I've never done that before. My EMT friends Miguel and Jason wouldn't let me film the ride through Manhattan from inside for you, because they said I had to hold my oxygen mask on, which was a bummer (oxygen schmoxygen -- I want to document!). Anyway, it is a little ongoing, so I can update you more later when everything is clear, but here is basically what I knew when I left the hospital early this morning. And I'm sure it will all be finer than fine.

I love you guys.