IHTM: I Accidentally Huffed Some Cool Whip

And what do y'all think of Stevia?
Publish date:
June 11, 2013

Edited To Ask: In my attempts to not eat sugar for a couple of weeks, or to eat way less, what do y'all think of Stevia? Taste-wise? Health-wise? Tendency to keep you craving sweets for longer than if you just went off all sweeteners?

Don't tell me this has never happened to you.

In anticipation of going off of sugar for a few weeks, which I justdecided to do to see if it helps my sleep and energy levels and mysugar cravings, I served strawberries and whipped cream last night.Served means I, WMITW, put the plastic container of unwashedstrawberries on the floor (in front of the TV, duh) with a can ofReddi Whip next to it (though it says it's made with Real Cream, youhave to be wary of any food product with a cutesy spelling like Reddior Kwik or even anything called a food product, right?) and made abarricade around it so the dogs couldn't get to our "dessert".

Afterward, as I was cleaning up, I decided to get any last remainingwipt kreem out of the container before throwing it away by, naturally,emptying it directly into my mouth. Only after doing that and thenfeeling light-headed did I realize that I was inhaling nitrous oxideor whatever is in those things and what was I doing?

Okay, so don't try any of this at home. Especially when kids arearound. But have you ever accidentally huffed like I have? I will feelbetter if even one of you has done this thing.

I love you. How's your day?