If you can read this,

Publish date:
February 23, 2012

You are too darn young (ageist, sorry). And my phone is currently working!! So youngun Madeline thought it would be funny to bring me this printout of the letter I wrote you -- which if I call it a newsletter, even I'd have no interest in reading, and which you can read if you like by going


-- in font that's like size .0247 or something. Haha. I do still like to print out certain things to read them. I do still like books made of PAPER AND CARDBOARD. I can still read without putting on my glasses and do it too often, but not this crazy size. How's your eyesight? How's your day? Mine is lovely, after a troublesome yesterday. I like to hear when our cycles are in sync. Speaking of which, do you also have your period right now? I'm day two. I know you want to know that!