Guess What's On My Face Today?

And what have YOU done in the name of laziness?
Publish date:
October 29, 2013

I just realized I had ice cream on my nose. From last night. When I didn't want to get up out of bed AGAIN to get a spoon (or fork, as I prefer eating ice cream with a fork -- you?) so ate the rest of the pint of ice cream directly out of the container, by collapsing the container in my hand to squeeze the ice cream up into my mouth, push-pop style. I was not stoned when I did this. Just Lazy!

I had been out late (with a bunch of fabulous famous people -- want me to name-drop them?!?) and I was tired and had to be up early this morning to make Charlotte my Worst/Laziest-Mom-In-The-World version of breakfast, which is Nutella on white bread Every Single Damn Day.

Then, continuing with the laziness theme, I didn't look in the mirror this morning (though I did brush teeth, for which I would like some credit). I just used my phone-camera in the cab to wipe the mascara from under my eyes from last night. Which leads me to how it got to be 12:30 when I went into the bathroom here at the office and looked in the mirror and realized I still had ice cream on the end of my nose from last night. Ta-da!

Care to now share with me something you have done in the name of laziness? Please? You know I love a good short-cut and would love to adopt yours. And if we make it a Laziest Human Ever contest, you know I'll give you something if your story wins. Alternately, you could tell me what's on your face -- if you are too lazy to think of an example of your laziness. Either way, tell me! xoxxx