I Wish

Publish date:
July 9, 2012

I actually put wish in the same category as need and should in terms
of words I prefer not to use (unless it is an actual wish, such as on
a birthday cake or star, which I do regularly, simpleton/believer/dork
that I am).

Here I am just joking that I wish this is how put together I looked
when on the way to my radio show (Jane Radio on Sirius XM 107). It is
actually the photo that popped up when I opened my phone just now to
write and tell you to PLEASE CALL ME at 1-888-4-102-102 between 11 am
and 1 pm ET (and whatever that translates into in your time zone).

When I started hosting radio 6 or something years ago, someone smart
told me to wear clothes that make you feel the way you want your
listeners to feel while hearing you. Which in my case is pretty close
to pajamas and today is some weird mu-mu-y thing that Charlotte
couldn't believe I was leaving the house in.

What are you wearing today? And please call me over the next couple of
hours so we can talk and I can give you my best advice and you can
have it out with me about anything you feel I haven't addressed on
this here site. Or whatever.