I want to talk to you!

Publish date:
April 30, 2012

I kept trying to show you stuff from my phone this weekend, but the technology gods must have wanted me to have a weekend or something, because nothing was showing up.

Which is all the more reason I want you to call me from 11-1 ET (ie coming right up) so we can catch up. Call 1-888-4-102-102 and let's talk about our weekends, sex, bad parents, hair, whatever. Let me help you out with any dilemmas you are having and you can help me out with mine.

Cutie Zach Wahls will be in the studio with me, so that's extra incentive.

Then I'm heading over to our next Makeunder shoot, so I can give you some clues on the phone as to who that is too.

Xoxx and talk to you soon