I Owe You A Quarter

Publish date:
December 3, 2012

For every time I say "I know" after you tell me something. I made thatdeal with my daughter last night, because I don't like the idea that Iam claiming to already be aware of whatever she might tell me. I amalready in debt to her for $3.75 and am going to renegotiate it downto a nickel-per-infraction when I see her next.

So call me (free!) this morning between 11 and 1 ET and get meto say those magic words or just call to talk about what is buggingyou about this site or whatever is going on in your life that I canhelp you with. The number is 1-888-4-102-102 and I will be waiting foryour call.

What phrases do you want to eliminate? Let's do it together! (Oh, frommy writing, I want to eliminate exclamation points after thank yousunless I am truly exclaiming it. Otherwise, they readpassive-aggressive. Especially when I am asking someone to dosomething and end it with the presumptuous "thank you!" -- as thoughthey are most certainly already doing just as I asked. Yuck.)

Ok, heading up to SIRIUS (Jane Radio is on Sirius XM 107) in theelevator now so we may get cut off. Call me back