I mean, which would you open first?

Publish date:
April 3, 2012

The one with a subject line that calls me all those nice things plus Pilates Sweetie and BJ Queen. Of course!

I just got done talking to Tori Spelling (we have history going back to Sassy days), who was very forthcoming in her answers to your and my questions. Unflappable, as they say.

She was running over to The View, so she's probably on that show as we speak. I'm headed back to xoJane. What are you up to, folks? I just wanted to call you fellas there and I'm not sure why. It sounds sweet to me and how I feel about you right now, even though it usually only describes one gender.

What do you like to be called? I like Janey from the few people who call me that (like -- name-drop -- Quincy Jones, who never calls me anything but). Y'all is great too, as we've discussed. I don't even mind it used for me singular or the ever-popular "all y'alls" -- that's how much I love that word's warmth and inclusiveness. Ok, OVER TO YOU! HELLO!!