I Love When People Do Vocal Warm-Ups

Publish date:
October 22, 2013

It's one of my favorite things about being backstage anywhere and thisguy who is going on the same show as me in a few minutes is doing themright now. Yay! Everyone here at Access Hollywood couldn't be nicerbut what you will not see on TV (if you do tune in to the show today,which YOU'D BETTER): I had to pee right before I went on and didn'twant to relive my 3rd grade nightmare of peeing onstage in front ofthe whole PTA (which did happen), so I ran to the bathroom and thengot reprimanded for messing up my whole mic. Sorry sound person! Alsosorry you had to hear me pee! It won't happen again! Except that itprobably will!

This may be the silliest and least consequential thing from me youwill ever read. And one more thing if you watch the show (or see theclip online -- I will add the link here when it goes up): listen tohow non-deftly (what's the opposite of deftly? awkwardly?) I workxoJane into the conversation. Ok, goodbye!