I live to help you out

Publish date:
December 26, 2011

1) Getting back to you shortly, sweet reader. Xo

2) Madeline, I thought you were off today. Xo

3) Which email would you open here next? For real. Xo

4) Which of the three brothers in the Crumb documentary do you relate to most? FYI, I'm the one who lay one beds of nails 100%. Not that I'm a martyr, which this might sound like if you haven't seen the movie -- I just really relate to everything about that guy more than the others. If you do know the story, I'm so curious which one you relate to. Xo

5) If you want my advice on anything at all, write your dilemma here or send it to me at Jane@xoJane.com. (I will see it here first, by the way, but understand if you want the anonymity.) Xo

Love you all.

PS I thought as I wrote it that ending all of those with XO might be kind of obnoxiously funny (as you may know, I didn't like the url for this site at first and am still getting used to it), but it just comes off obnoxious and hard to read. Ah well. XO!!!