Pooooor Bryan, Part 16,736: Get Me My Pills!

Publish date:
March 28, 2012

I take on average 15 supplements with every meal (changes a little bit from breakfast to dinner). It's so habitual that after a meal, I crave them like some would want dessert or a cigarette. Once when I was in LA, I drove back 45 minutes to where I was staying (hi Courteney!) to get my vitamins rather than go the day without them.

Who will I be without them today? Will my skin fall off? I already know that without the folic acid, my hair falls out way more (thanks and hi again, Courteney!). Will I become deeply depressed or anxious? Will my muscles ache? Will I be a tyrannical boss, as Bryan seems to think? AND if you are curious as to how the rest of the staff feels about my lack of vitamins today: Madeline is sitting here chill, as she generally is about things. Emily humors me when I get all worked up over a little thing (she is more mature than I am, in many ways). Cat's not here today but would make fun of me about this, for sure. Julie, thank god, gets my vitamin compulsion. Eric is focused on

pulling outfits for my next You-Dress-Me-For-The-Rest-Of-My-Life post

s, so he is in that zone he gets in when he looks as clothes and isn't taking anything else in, much less me and my vitamin deprivation. Olivia is in San Francisco. Lesley, weigh in!

Do you think I'm crazy? Boring? How many pills do you take?