I can FINALLY tell you one of the 3 secrets I've been keeping

Publish date:
March 15, 2012

That is: Who XXX is and the reason behind

my top secret mission to London

. XXX is not someone I am having an affair with

(I would program that in as Bob, per your helpful advice on that)

. XXX is Rebecca Holman, brand-spanking-new Editor of xoJane.co.uk, the to-be-genius British version of us, launching soon! Woo-hoo (what is the British equivalent of woo-hoo?) and please welcome wonderful Rebecca! And formally welcome Sarah Woolley, xoJane UK contributor and all-around beautiful person!

The other two secrets are still secret and may remain so. I saw these two studies recently (each involving 3000 people, interestingly) on how long women keep secrets (sexist research!), one concluding that it was 32 minutes on average and one 47 hours. I keep some forever. How long have you kept one? Are you keeping any secrets now? You don't have to tell them to me, just that you are keeping them. I want to see where we stand vs. those 6000 blabbermouths.