How was your last night?

Publish date:
March 6, 2012

Cause after a roughish day yesterday (if you listen to Jane Radio, you know, and sorry Jack about not giving you the boner I usually do), I did something unheard of for me heretofore.

When I got home from work, I didn't check emails, voicemails, texts, anything. I hung out with my daughter, ate Domino's (I love how that sauce is as sweet as cake icing and how you can mush up each piece into one bite if you want, Wonderbread-style) and ignored these other planes of existence.

So when I woke up (at what I used to call bedtime), I had, of course, plenty of texts, emails (Cat's go until almost my wake-up time -- sometimes we overlap in the mornings, as Miss Love and I do, which is nice) and vms, like this name-droppy one. I missed it all and I'm so glad I did that. Maybe next year, I will try it again.

Love to hear when and how you turn off or if you don't. And how your night was. I missed you.