How to Save A Soaking-Wet Phone! Plus: You Are Invited To Join Us For A Fun Fun Time!

Just tell us: What did you watch on TV last night?
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December 11, 2013

My phone is working again! Aren't you thrilled??

You might have heard what happened, and here's what happened next: I grabbed the phone out of the (not-yet-used -- I'm not looking to get/give anyone else that thing Emily got) toilet before it had fully sunk to the bottom. Then I took it into the office kitchen (first I peed, because first things first) and looked for some rice to put it in, because that's what people told me I should have done the last two or three times I wet my phones.

The closest thing to rice was a container of uncooked oatmeal, which I considered dumping the phone into, but someone had written their name on the container with sharpie and I didn't think "Nina" would appreciate me using her oatmeal that way (though I would have returned it and I think it would still have been useable (WHY is EVERYTHING I write making me think of Emily's story??).

So I didn't try turning it on or using it, something else youtube videos have warned me against in the past when it was too late for those sad dead phones. I just put it in a few paper towels and left it face-side up, the same way it fell, on my desk and went home phoneless for a long (not literally) weekend during which I hosted Charlotte's birthday slumber party, telling myself that it was a gift that I'd get to be really and truly present for and fully fully engaged with all the nuances of interaction between 5 10- to 12-year-old girls who stay up until 3:52 am. With not even a phone to distract me.

It was actually really great to be phoneless for the most part. For about a day and then I wanted it back. Partly, it was hard to see things I wanted to share with you or ask you about and not have a way to document them. But more on that another time.

This is what greeted me when I came into the office this morning. Lori, who knew that not only does the phone go into rice, but that it has to stay in the rice for at least 36 hours, in her Lori way had bought the necessary amount of white rice, found a perfectly sized container, labeled it, placed it on my desk, phone in there, and left the neat package waiting for me on top of my daily schedule.

I mean, really, could she and I be more different? Nope. And aside from having to get a piece of rice out of the little hole where the iPhone 5 charger goes (which I think Apple intentionally makes EXACTLY the size of one piece of rice), it worked like new. So tada!

In other drama I couldn't share with you since my phone wasn't on me, Emily and I both cried in my office at least three times and Corynne (after one of the crying sessions) had to be rushed from my office couch to the hospital. She's okay though, as are we all, and will tell you the dramatic story.

Well, now we are a half-hour away from the highlight of my week: the always dramatic cry- and laugh-fest known as the xoJane staff meeting. Want to join me, Lesley, Mandy, et al, et al, PLUS special guest stars Alle and Faz from xoVain today? If you do (or even if you don't), here is your assignment. The wonderful Lori is currently reeling from the season finale of "Sons Of Anarchy" last night and has had no one here to discuss it with because none of us watch. So if you are a viewer too, tell her what you think about last night's episode and I promise she will give you all the info to call in to our meeting. And if you're not a viewer, just tell Lori how smart she is -- that should do it too. Or just say you want to come. It will all work.

Big Dry XO!