How sick are you?

Publish date:
December 20, 2011

99 percent of the time, when I look at our home-page (which is approximately 99 percent of my time), the most popular categories are "shoppables, sex, death." Charlotte (9!) has noticed this trend too. She also likes going on Chartbeat and seeing what you guys are searching for: in a nutshell, lots of boobs.

Speaking of me being the Worst Mom In The World, now that Charlotte knows/believes that there is no Santa and now that I am way paring back in terms of gifts (no bday present for her this year, for example, besides that controversial Chuck E. Cheese's event), I want retroactive Santa credit for all the last eight years of gifts and leaving out carrots for reindeer and all of that EFFORT. Is that so wrong? Feel free to tell me if you think it is.

Oh, also, last night her friend was over and we played Truth or Dare and I dared her 10-year-old pal to touch/tap the boy she likes in the yard at school this morning. Again, so wrong? Too much friend, too little "parent"? Please weigh in, you necrophiliacs! Xo