Holiday Party Season Potato Torture!

In which I am fed a raw potato. What would you do?
Publish date:
December 19, 2012
holiday parties, raw food, massages

In which I am fed a raw potato and am proceeding to cut and eat it as best I can because either it is a thing I don't know about or the host forgot to cook mine (the others at this fancy table have potatos that are nice and hot and soft) and I don't want to embarrass her. Similar to that time a massage guy (masseur, if you can make yourself say that word) spent 95 percent of the session on my breasts and I didn't say anything, figuring it was an LA thing that must have amazing health benefits I wasn't aware of. And don't even remind me of the MASSEUR who licked my feet. Do you also ever go too far to make other people comfortable with their sometimes questionable actions, or is that just me? And how do I return this cold hard potato for a cooked one? I'm hungry!