Hidden Cell-Phone Risk!

Publish date:
April 16, 2013

This has nothing to do with that nice product that that nice companysent me yesterday, the one that is meant to help protect fromcell-phone radiation and which I gifted (yucky verb) to Madelinebecause I yuckily didn't like the way it looked and felt on my phone.

This is a warning, sent from my doctor's bathroom, not to (after saiddoc has asked you to remain still) reach for your phone (as soon asdoc has left the exam room) in order to fit a little work in betweenblood being drawn and vitamin formula injected. You will blow out thevein and then make doctor have to puncture you again two times on thatarm and twice in the other arm looking for another vein to use. (I donot mind being punctured like this at all, but felt bad for the time Icost the doctor -- would that be considered co-dependent?)

Also: Do you know that veins are so smart at protecting againstattacks that once you have poked through one, all the nearby ones getjumpier? Not having been an IV drug user, I didn't know that.

Back to: What, if anything, do you smarties use to protect yourselffrom radiation from all these devices? I'm looking for the rightthing. Thanks in advance! And thanks for reading through my bathroomramblingness.