Hey, voyeurs! Your invitation got lost in the mail

Publish date:
February 16, 2012

What a week. And what a week for my phone to be malfunctioning (everything is as it is meant to be, part 31,247). As Eric and Julie and not Cat (she is sick in bed today) are running around to show you shows, technology is messing up our ability to do so.

In other words, I haven't been ignoring you, just haven't been able to turn on that switch that allows us to communicate in this way that I am now so used to. There was that funny blip this morning that gave you a glimpse into my phone from yesterday. Who cares? (Only I. And you voyeuristic types who have already fessed up to the fact that you like looking into my, or anyone's, phone. Speaking of which, I like looking at everything and always find myself staring at people's computer screens while I'm talking to them, forgetting that that's inappropriate. And at a class celebration last week, Char had to remind me to stop reading the parents' absence-excuse notes on the teacher's desk. Well, they were lying right there!)

But I am writing this on my touchscreen now nonetheless, as I wait for the next show to begin, and am going to old-fashioned-style email it to Bryan to post for you for this very important reason:

You ARE invited to our staff meeting today. Who wants to join? It is at the fashionably later-than-usual time of 4:30 ET (due to the Calvin show prior, naturally). Tell me below (below? I am on my phone sitting on a bench looking at models in clothes -- where is below?? oh, you know what I mean) that you are as obsessive as I am about checking in with each other every day and one or more of you will get the call-in number to join in on our staff meeting today. And then be featured and adored here (here? where?? oh, you know -- on the site) after the meeting, as always. I will be running there with Eric from Calvin and really look forward to talking to you. I've missed you. xo