Hey Elmirazzle!

Publish date:
October 26, 2011

And anyone else who knows me to be the name-dropper that I am: Is the wonderful James Truman, my old friend and colleague (we actually met when he was editor of Details and I was editor of Sassy and we were set up on a blind date, but he may not even remember that), considered a name-drop? I just ran into him while grabbing a sandwich on the street and it was like old times.

Also, Elmirazzle: As you want me to interview one of my non-famous friends, I love the idea. You can choose between Eve B. (or is she too famous?), Colleen, Susannah, Stephen, April, Cynthia and Dawn (the last two of whom have been on my radio show a few times and are kind of famous within our neighborhood). I've written about them all on the site, so search away and tell me which one to start with. The rest of you can weigh in, too. Thanks and xo

PS. Is this post passive-aggressive or genuine?