Here She Is...

I can now reveal my new/old employee!
Publish date:
September 20, 2013

Complete with an embarrassing old photo of us (and our '90's eyebrows) that she brought in on her first day here at xoJane HQ, I can now reveal that my new/old employee is the lovely Abby Gardner. (Many more details about it are here.) By the way, we think this photo of us was taken at a place on Bleecker Street called the Elbow Room, where we did lots of late-night karaokeing with Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz back in our Jane magazine days. We think.The only person who guessed correctly that the new xoJaner was Abby was fellow former Jane staffer Stephanie Trong, who emailed me about it.Now on to: What do you want from Abby in terms of more Fashion and Beauty coverage on this site? What should she write about? Not write about? What do you want more of? Less of? Etc etc. Or just welcome her and warn her. She's all ears.PS Clothes Editor Alison is not going anywhere, thank God, so don't think this means that.