Help! Plus: I Do Not Like To Miss Stuff!

Publish date:
August 10, 2012

Corynne, in this email about a Budget Meeting today, filled me in on THESE important events I missed while working remotely from my brother's in Texas (more on that in a second).

'Cause she knows, I hate to miss this stuff! This is the life that happens when you're busy making other plans. This IS work at xoJane. And I love it.

Now on to what Emily calls my "Jane Pratt Problem" of the day, which I would love your help with, if you don't mind or aren't too annoyed with me already for what ever I've just written:

Do I

a) hop on a plane today to see my very famous and more wonderful friend (is that even more obnoxious than a name-drop?), who I really want to see, for one and a half days, then take the red-eye back to NYC with my daughter in time to make it to my radio show in NYC Monday morning?

b) Skip the radio show on Monday so that I can spend two days with my friend instead of one?

c) keep my plane reservations to return to NYC on Sunday?

C is the conservative choice and will save me $150 in change fees. I really don't want to do C. Can you please advise me? Thank you! I will help you with your "problems" or your problems any time too, as you know.