Help Me Grovel

What would you do if you forgot your SO's birthday and only realized it THREE weeks later? Ideas, please!
Publish date:
June 8, 2012

Okay, my Raspberry Chia Kombucha just erupted all over my face, shirt, pants, hands, office chair and floor. Which is weird, because usually the Chia ones are less effervescent, in my vast Kombucha experience.

Anyway, speaking of what this eruption must remind everyone of: sex, men, boyfriends, and specifically for me, the forgetting of my boyfriend's birthday.

I didn't just miss it by a day, but by THREE WEEKS. We have been together for 3 years. Oy. What can I do now to make it up to him? One of my singer friends (not in a name-droppy mood) sung a little made-up apology song for me last night, suggesting I send a video of myself singing an original heartfelt tune that I've composed and rehearsed and dance along with it ('cause I can do that, unlike the singing).

Others -- including some of my Twitter leaders -- have suggested I do things that would result in something more resembling the aftermath of my Kombucha here. I am so clueless that last year I actually gave him the one thing I later heard a group of guys saying that no guy wants as a gift from his girlfriend (though I am not a fan of those generalizations): I sent him flowers.

Help! What should I give this dude who is so non-judgmental and smart and gifted and nice and self-aware and kind and hot? How can I make it up to him? What would you do? What would you want? Help me, help me, please oh please-o. Big xo for any ideas you can provide