Help Me Get Naked (Part 2!!)

So, I'm getting my picture taken naked tomorrow.
Publish date:
October 1, 2013

Note: I wrote this really lengthily and well for you before, but my phone ate it. I wasn't thinking when I nonchalantly devil-may-carely upgraded to this kooky iOS 7 thing last week. It never occurred to me that it might affect my ability to communicate with y'all, but it did. I'm also not loving the flatness of the new graphics, but, as Olivia puts it, there's more bounce to them and I like that about them too, even though they are making some people literally nauseous. Anyway, I am trying again now to tell you what I needed your help with. Here goes:So I'm getting my picture taken naked tomorrow. My friend, who is a beautiful photographer, asked and I said yes (duh -- for some reason, it reminds me of that advice, "If someone offers you a breath mint, take it" -- if someone asks me to take my clothes off for a picture, I do it. I don't know why they are semi-related in my mind, but I think that breath mint thing is good advice anyway, so I'm including it here for you.)I've only been asked to be photographed or filmed nude about six times in my life (by a professional). My method for approaching these shoots so far has been to book myself really busy leading up to the moment so that I don't really have time to focus on it and then just get there and do it. However, they haven't always gone so well. For sad example: no photos have ever been leaked, there's a movie out there with my naked shower scene in it that's never been released (thus denying me the opportunity to explain that I did it for art), not one shot has ever been part of any exhibit, etc etc sad etc).But this time around, I have you to ask: what would you do to prep for posing naked? A body scrub? Meditation? Some shots? Would love your help with this. And of course if you have posed nude yourself, tell about it.Xo (This was written better before, but I love you both times.)