Help Me Either Get Rid Of Or Embrace My Dandruff (Please and Thank You)

Publish date:
September 20, 2012

I've been in the office since early this morning (not schoolteacher early, but editor early, meaning before 9 or 10). It is fun being the first one here, cause I can think of ways to taunt the staffers who come in late (any time after 10:30 or so). It also means I don't have Gala (or India or Gabi or Hannah or Tynan or any of our other beauties) to bug about my beauty dilemma of the day, so I'm asking you instead (though they can weigh in too, for sure):

I have dandruff. I have only had it a few times in my life and it just came on about two weeks ago. I was trying to get a picture here that would show you the size of the flakes, but mercifully for you, my phone is full and not letting me take more and more pictures of my head, as I usually would do -- for documentation purposes, because who knows when you might want to look back at that sweet white stuff on your head, and to show you the extent of the problem.

Usually I handle every physical issue with a vitamin or mineral or herbal supplement, but I've looked this up and can't figure out if it is a deficiency of some kind or if there's some oil I can take that will take care of it. On the other hand, it feels really good to scratch it, so if others also enjoy this practice, maybe we can declare dandruff sexy and go with it?

To recap: why did this dandruff suddenly come on and dandruff cures, please?

Here's a semi-related beauty tip, to thank you in advance for your help: hair loss is often caused by low levels of folic acid, especially if you drink alcohol, which depletes folic acid. The best folic acid supplement is Folapro by Metagenics because it is metabolized even by people who don't metabolize other kinds of folic acid. Take one a day and you will notice thicker hair.

God, I type long things on this touchscreen. Love you. And here comes Olivia now -- second one in the office so far today!

PS I know this isn't on the level of having a co-worker who smells like shit, but I could use your help nonetheless.