Help! I Can't See.

Publish date:
May 2, 2013

This is me right now, having lost my glasses. I can't read what I'mtyping to you so I hope it makes sense. One would think (whoever thatone is who knows all of this stuff) that one who reads and writes fora living would have a backup pair of glasses, but NOT ME.

The day was like this: Marcy (darling favorite ever publicist) andLori (amazing amazing assistant) at my apartment as I got ready to gofilm for this tv thing I'm happy about -- will show it to you whenit's done. Marcy voted no on my glasses so I left them at home (wethink). Also forgot to put Balloon in his crate when we left.

Returned just now and stuff on table eaten (chocolate but I've alreadyhad to do the calculations a few times about how much chocolate willactually kill a dog of his size -- because I'm a terrible dog owner --and we are all good). And glasses nowhere to be found.

Now I don't know what to do so I'm sharing it with you, which is What I Do.

Help and love and where are my glasses (any guesses?) and what is theuniverse trying to teach me (again, any guesses?). I love you.