Help! My Puppy Bit My Young Daughter In The Face

Publish date:
September 2, 2011
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Okay, I took this photo of our formerly so-sweet puppy, Balloon, this morning and decided to run it even though/because it makes him look evil. Which he kind of is in my mind right now. This 16-month-old Shih Tzu Poodle mix (FROM A SHELTER), bit my 8-year-old, Charlotte, last night right under her right eye (with his bottom teeth) and just to the cheek-side of her right eye (top teeth). It broke through the skin and caused bruising. She was playing with him at the time, with a stuffed toy that is his. She often plays like she is a dog (and I think she is part dog) when she plays with him, and that's what she was doing at the time, from what she tells me (I was in the other room). But anyway, it wouldn't be acceptable for him to bite another dog either, right? Another note: This all happened after we had been away for five days and had been reunited with him for two days. While we were away, he was with a bunch of other dogs that were evacuated from our area of Manhattan to another location and then returned the day before we picked him up. Soooooo... What do I do about this? I know how to treat the wound (she didn't want me to show it to you), but not how to deal with the dog. I put him in a lengthy time-out last night afterward, during which he peed on the floor -- also something he basically never does. Dog whisperers? My friends at My friend Michael (STIPE -- note name-drop), who is great with dogs. Help please!!