Me: less-than-stylish, not smelling like pee!

Publish date:
June 7, 2012

Hello, my lovelies. These Heely's are much harder to maneuver than I thought they'd be. The kids make it look so easy! Also, though my feet scare children (seriously -- you will see whenever we get around to doing that Feet Gallery), they are a moderate size 8, not the Clown Shoe size the lovely Heely's PR people graciously sent to me.

In this video Madeline shot, they are mercifully partially covered by the same Courtney-Cox-hand-me-down Stella McCartney pants in which I peed not so long ago, as you may or may not recall. Pants have been dry-cleaned since, fyi.


PS Work is a joyous place right now and for that I feel so damn lucky.