Have Weekends!

Publish date:
April 21, 2012

I kept sneaking in work all through last night and this morning, but now I am with my girl, my email is blissfully down (thank you, lord -- almost as freeing as losing my phone or airplane turbulence) and I'm going to have a day!

One thing: Wooden spoons or Popsicle sticks on my tongue and teeth are the only thing that gives me shivers and goosebumps in that way. Not nails on a chalkboard (which I was surprised Charlotte knows about, as she has only ever used whiteboards in school), not styrofoam or wet newspaper or others I've heard of. As a matter of fact, I'm just going to throw this "spoon" away and eat this with my fingers, cause I can't take it! Hello! Have a day! Tell me what yours entails.