I'm In Love With Ampersands

Publish date:
August 15, 2012

We are closing up shop here at xoJane HQ on this lovely Wednesday. This is sweet Olivia choosing pictures of our latest Makeunder, which I can't wait to show you. Isn't she pretty?

Also, you know what else I think is really pretty? The ampersand. I know some of you had an issue with my pal Gala's use of that beautiful piece of punctuation and it is still bugging me, so I want to take it up with you here.

Before I launched this site, someone working with me (hi David!) said, "You're not going to let writers use all caps, are you?" and we had an argument about it because OF COURSE I not only would allow it, but was actually hoping to find a writer with beautiful usage of all caps (hi Cat!).

Cut way back to when Time magazine called Sassy (for any of you who recall that defunct publication) "pajama party journalism," and don't you know by now that I love nothing more than writers using their own quirky voices and styles and consistent usages of punctuation?

How do you feel about ampersands? What's your favorite form of punctuation? I am not a fan of the semi-colon and now want to examine when that traumatic encounter with the semi-colon was in my past that led to this. Oh whatever -- tell me what you think.