Happy Lucky Time, Lesbians!

Publish date:
December 14, 2011

11:11 is always a lucky time. But most especially when it coincides with a google alert (mine are VERY random, by the way -- e.g. Jane magazine but not Sassy magazine, Jane Pratt but not my radio or TV shows; there is no rhyme or reason to it) including those who are clearly My People: Lesbians and Pot-Smokers. I mean, unite!! And if you are both of the above, come on over any time!

Note: I am actually not currently a pot-smoker, but think it could be healthy for me at times to become one (thoughts, please?). And I am 85 percent heterosexual but anyone queer is who I am too. I am typing fast so hope this makes some sense. Xo to all

To recap: Would it be a good idea, in all of your wisdom, for me to smoke some pot sometimes? I used to smoke it a lot between the ages of 13 and 15 (sorry mom-who-I-shared-a-down-jacket-with-and-left-the-pipe-in-the-pocket-of-said-jacket-for-you-to-find-at-the-grocery-store). I have only smoked it a very few times since then. I am stressed a lot and have a hard time decompressing from my days. I have this Kavinace stuff I take which helps calm me down. I still find that at the end of some work-days, I feel like I want a martini. Which is healthier, the pot or the martini or neither or what do you recommend I do?