Happy Birthday, Dear Courteney!

Publish date:
June 15, 2012

Sweet and solid, this girl is. I'm so lucky to have been her friend through about 18 or so (bad with time) of her wonderful years on this earth. Because she is as good a friend as it gets. She will drop anything (except Coco, of course -- she will make time for both somehow) at any time for a friend in need, she really thinks about how your life in all aspects could be better and helps you to get it there, she is funny as hell (I almost fell off a horse last summer on vacation, cause she was cracking me up so hard), and she tells you the truth no matter what.

She also once, at a hard time for me that I was keeping all to myself, said, "If you ever have anything you don't feel you can tell anyone, I WANT to be the friend that you tell." It changed my life.

And she says honey and y'all as much as I do, which I know y'all enjoy.

Happy Birthday, my friend! Ok, when are we getting together next? I'm texting you now to make plans.