Guess Who's With Me in London's SAY offices?

Publish date:
November 7, 2011
Jane Pratt, Sarah Woolley, london, SAY

That's right, none other than Sarah Woolley! She has as hard a time stopping talking as I do, so our meeting is just going on and on. So much fun. She's also beautifully skinned and so stylish. Btw, I'm not necessarily choosing the Tina Turk I'm wearing here as my "wedding dress". I'm still taking votes on that important decision. Thanks so much and xo.

PS. Help me determine the who won the contest by furthestly (I know, I know, a made-up word) incorrectly guessing where I am in the world, so that he/she can begin receiving my award-winning, priceless photos of my star-studded London extravaganza (ha).