Guess Who?

Publish date:
February 9, 2012
New York FW Fall 2012

Which one of these five major-magazine editor-in-chiefs DIDN'T hug me at this show? And why? I say, life is short -- let's all hug. And there are bigger things than work -- like BIG HUGS, for example.

I know some of you are not huggers and I'm curious about that. As you may know, I inappropriately hug everyone from my boss to that messenger who brought me a nice package yesterday, so I fall far on that end of the spectrum. I can tell that sometimes it makes people uncomfortable -- or else I haven't showered, in which case they are uncomfortable in another way. Let me know below: Are you a hugger or not? In addition to guessing who didn't hug me just now, if you're interested.

PS I think there has been something smudgy (apple tart, perhaps?) on the lens of my phone camera. Sorry or you're welcome for the vaseline lens looks, fellow editors!