Guess Incorrectly and Win!

Publish date:
November 2, 2011

I'm just trying to mix it up a bit with this contest I'm doing. Going to write the rest of this on my laptop so if you got here first, check back in a few minutes for the contest details. If you have absolutely nothing better to do, study this photo to start guessing where I'm traveling today. Though I'm sure you have better things. Big XO

I'm back and here goes with this contest: I am packing to go SOMEWHERE today and here is how the packing is looking right about now. (Those of you who know where I'm going are disqualified -- see how I blithely make the rules and don't wait for all that legal mumbo jumbo; it drives Madeline crazy because she is always trying to keep track, as in, "Jane, you promised to give away a pair of your sunglasses -- we have to follow up, remember?" -- and I did follow up on that and always do, but she usually has to remind me to do it in a timelier fashion than would be my nature. Ok, back to the packing matter at hand.)

Whoever guesses the point across the globe that is the FURTHEST away from where I am going today will win... hmmmm... ok, I will send that person lots of personal photos from my trip. IF that person is someone who cares about celebrities, which I well know that some of you DO NOT AT ALL, then there will be plenty of celebrities in those pictures. Candid shots of them doing their things that you wouldn't get in the gossip magazines and stuff. So that's the prize -- pictures along the way. You would have to give me your phone number or email so I could send them to you.

And if you noticed in this photo, my packing style is not the most, shall we say, efficient. I have had a packing phobia (I don't know that it would literally qualify as a phobia -- I'd have to look that up -- but it sure feels like one) ever since I was packing my, gulp, trunks to go away to boarding school as a teenager. That packing, the 800-mile drive to the school, the experience there, were the most traumatic events of my life -- even though many other things would seem to have been more traumatic to an outside observer (sexual abuse, parental divorce, others). Ever since, all of my worst dreams involve luggage, as I've mentioned here before. And when I have to pack, I have tried different techniques over the years: having a friend there with me while I do it -- thanks, Andrea Lee Linnet!; doing it really late at night so that I am too tired to be aware of what I am doing; waiting until 15 minutes before I have to leave and then throwing things in. Last night, I woke up and packed at 4 am in a haze and will go in and organize it now.

By the way, when I did go to boarding school, I brought all of the "wrong" clothes, not having a clue. When I went back for year two, I cut my hair, wore a lot of makeup and totally different clothes; everyone thought I was a new student and I let them think that.

That's all I've got for right now. Guess wrong and win! True (virtual) x's and o's

Note: This does not have to do with my birthday party on 11-11-11, which one of you is still attending. I haven't planned that yet.