Goodbye Courtney Love's!

Publish date:
February 14, 2012
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So I keep all these keys on (what do you call it? not a lanyard. it had a laminate on it from some tour I was on, so I took off the laminate -- that) thing around my neck. It is my favorite day when I can throw a little money in my pocket and these keys around my neck and go. The less baggage the better. No coat is the best.

Charlotte and I have had days with just us and these keys that started early morning, no planning, and ended up at the Statue of Liberty (I so want her to still call it the Statue of Litterby, like she used to, but she's learned despite my best efforts to mislead her) or in another state or two or ice skating or walking over the bridge to that fascinating island off of Manhattan with the big flies because that's where all the bodies from Union and Madison Square Parks were moved and now houses the criminally insane (she and I LOVE that stuff -- Worst Mom In The World that I am). By the way, if you're sick like us and interested in visiting there, be aware that at times they have an 'emergency' and close the gates on either side of the bridge, so you get stuck there with the FLIES. Those days have often ended with us coming home after dark, usually having visited and eaten with various friends along the way.

We are also fond of barging in on people, which is something that seems to happen more in neighborhoods like the one I grew up in in Durham, NC and is NOT common here in NY, but we do it anyway. Who wouldn't be happy to see us? (I am including you in that us, by the way.)

People give me their keys too, which makes me feel so trusted and like my most important charcter traits (loyalty, responsibility) are being recognized (like when my friend Drew lent me her favorite-ever socks and said she wouldn't lend them to anyone except she knew that I would get them back to her -- and I did). It's a good feeling.

Today is the day that Courtney Love moves out of that beautiful townhouse we showed you here. So I am saying good-bye to the key to what my daughter and her friends call "The Cupcake House." It is pretty clear in this mess of keys which one that is. Charlotte and her friends called it The Cupcake House because there were fresh cupcakes delivered there daily. It was nice.

Now Courtney is moving on to a loft that she will also decorate in her way and which I will also love visiting, I'm sure. I will miss The Cupcake House, though, a homey home away from home. And I'll just keep this key on my neck for a while longer, even though it is a little extra baggage.