Exclusive! Oh My God! Learn Our Gossip First!

Want to know what I'm talking about?
Publish date:
November 20, 2013

There is so much crazy change going on around here that I'm feeling totally exhilarated by, as in: change = opportunity and as in: I-can-lift-a-car-over-my-head-to-save-my-baby adrenaline sure is fun.

Want to know what in the hell I'm talking about? Then call in to our staff meeting today and be the first to learn what exciting new things are going on in xoJane/xoVain-lands!!! (Can you tell I've had a little caffeine today? Which should make the meeting extra fun -- especially for Corynne, as I will likely be barking out commands and streaks of brilliance at a mile a minute. Or I will be crashed by then, which will be extra fun for ALL.)

If you want to be the first to know, just tell me below what changes are going on with you right now. Then we will give one or two of you the call-in number so you can join us.

Oh, the meeting is at 2 today, so in like an hour.