Good-bye Hello Kitty

Publish date:
March 24, 2012

My backpack is worn out. I don't mind worn out, but it has holes in it to the point where things are falling out on the street. Canal Street, to be specific, where I am shopping for a cheap cool new bag. Thus the treat of spotting these beautiful heads. Any advice for a bag big enough to carry all my junk that can go from situation to situation (bearing in mind that I consider a Hello Kitty backpack perfectly appropriate for the front row of a fashion show)? Bearing also in mind that my bag, if you don't know, doesn't get emptied often and contains layers from various eras like an archeological dig and I enjoy that (so that's what I mean by big). What do you carry with you every day and do you recommend it for me?

PS It is LOVELY and CALM today, calm not being something I've had a ton of contact with lately. Someone tweeted that I was stuttering on the radio last night and I hadn't even realized it. They also said I seemed ADHD, but I call that taking the scenic route and it doesn't bother me. I hope your day is lovely and calm too and that you are having weekends! Xxo