A Game!

Publish date:
February 23, 2012

Can you match the xojane staffer to their Wii(sp?) character Charlotte created? There are three staffers on this screen game I indulgently bought my daughter after 3 years or so of begging. What a good mom (like my pal Christa Miller) does: only give the kid something AFTER they earn it by doing their chores for two weeks (I, WMITT, am way too disorganized for chores -- Char just is expected to help me with stuff and clean up her own crap). Also, according to my-source-on-this Christa, what good Moms do: take out the pierced earrings the kid earned if they don't keep up their end of the chores bargain two weeks later. I aspire. In another life. If you have or know kids, how do you make them do stuff? How do you shut them up about stuff they want? Or anything else you want to tell me. I'm rambling. I'm a mom. Blah blah. Is this phone working? (This is not dummy text, though it appears to be!) Guess the xojane staffers here! Would you have preferred Lorem Ipsum? No prob, if so. I love you.