Friend vs Family Tonight: Please Pick For Me!

And don't make me use the newfangled portmanteau "Framily."
Publish date:
April 23, 2014

So my wonderful true lovely longtime funny gorgeous smart friend Courteney Cox is in town.And my sweet favorite adorable sharp funny beautiful astute crazy great daughter is leaving on a middle-school camping trip tomorrow morning.Go out with the friend or stay in with the daughter? What would you do and what should I do? I really don't know and am at work making other decisions until then, thinking thinking constantly about which choice I make that will be better for you. So can you make this call for me, please? I will do whatever you say.PS I have no sitter after 7, so it is one or the other.PPS No extra charge for the bonus name drop contained herein.PPPS I will surely have many more name-drops for you tomorrow if you choose the friend route.PPPPS But my eyes will be all bloodshot and puffy from crying all night pre-missing my daughter.Please help.