Free Breasts!

We're moving offices! Sooooo... who wants my breast pillows? (One to a customer.)
Publish date:
February 12, 2014

We are saying goodbye this week to 245 Fifth Avenue (and all the lovely little creatures that we have fed while there). This office holds a lot of memories, since it is the only home xoJane and xoVain have ever known (except that week when we worked out of Courtney Love's townhouse -- boy, did she have delicious cakes... delivered fresh every day... and that's not the way I ever like to use elipses, but I just got distracted by CAKES).

This office also holds a lot of junk, which we are now purging so we have less junk to move with us. So Charlotte stole my phone and went around the office tonight asking whoever was around what they were giving away, and this is what they said.

AND if you stick around to the end of the video, you will see that I am giving away my office pillows that look like breasts (with lifelike nipple ruching detail!). They were actually Emily's, I think, and somehow made their way into my office and I never got rid of them. IF you want them, just write me below telling me why you in particular deserve to have them. BUT bear in mind that the set is being split up, so what you will actually receive in the mail, lovingly shipped off by me and Lori, is exactly ONE BOOB. And I will sign it if you want, but can understand if you don't want. Get explaining, guys!