I Haven't Forgotten You

Publish date:
June 13, 2012

Plenty of activity going on around here, so it is 30 minutes into the staff meeting when I realize that I haven't invited you to the staff meeting.

Sorry! But that gives you a whole week to weigh in as to why you should be invited to next week's staff meeting. (They are now on Wednesdays.) I would love to have you join.

Anyway, if you had been on the call today, the audio might have been a little muffled by the fact that I was lying on the conference-room table in the fetal position. Olivia reminded me that I had assumed that same position on the floor of Courtney Love's house, while we were working from there. Madeline and Emily remembered me in child's pose on the floor of our old yellow room/offices pre-launch. How embarrassing.

Today definitely called for the fetal position, though, and boy did it help. I know child's pose with your forehead on the floor helps drain ego-related stress. I'm guessing fetal position is something about retreating to the security of the womb, yes?

Ok, how is your week going and will you be available to join us NEXT Wednesday at 2 pm ET? I promise to make it fun and exciting and secure and drained of ego. Xo