Finally, a movie I'm excited to see

Publish date:
December 2, 2011

Lucky girl that I am (and we all are if we think we are -- I had a conversation with Lisa Robertson at QVC where we realized that we were both born with all 7s and 11s in our birthdays and had grown up being told and feeling like we were lucky. Maybe we worked really hard to make that true. Either way, feeling lucky always brings me good luck. Blah blah longest parenthetical ever), I get invited to lots of movie premieres.

I don't go hardly ever, except to some of the kiddie ones I get dragged to if it's fun for Charlotte and her friends. I'm going to this one, though. It sounds worth the sitter/night away from my daughter. I am pretty exclusively a reality/documentary/non-fiction girl. Ross McElwee is probably my favorite director of all time. Though Les Blank is amazing too.

Um, what's in this for you??? Ok, how about anyone else who loves documentaries, reality TV and non-fiction books, let's swap recommendations here! I'm currently reading that David Carr memoir and have some good docs on my list to Netflix but want more. Your favorites?