Far Be It For Me

Publish date:
June 21, 2012

To ever chastise anyone for being inappropriate or "poorly" dressed. Hello! I was all in praise of that cool woman I showed you earlier this (hot) afternoon.

Here I am now in my jean shorts and flouncy top, which I keep flouncing up to cool off (Madeline just did a nice impression of me doing this weird flouncing motion -- thanks Mad!). The air conditioning went off in our offices so of course I'm flouncing and sweating and have a fan directed straight up my shirt and at my head, which led Corynne to walk in just now and tell me I should go home. Thanks Mom!

Speaking of Mom: We are all having our separation anxieties over not seeing each other for a week (while I'm in London). I'm having a hard time with it but was able to calm Corynne, who is even more concerned. (I love her co-dependence so much).

And speaking of nothing else besides my own obnoxiousness: I'm having dinner with Courteney Cox tonight. Yay!