Eric takes theme dressing to such specific extremes

Publish date:
January 18, 2012

We're starting a production meeting and I must ask Eric what he is dressed as today, because there's always a story behind it. And I mean an in-depth story. Not like your basic "sporty" or "bohemian" or "edgy" days that us mere fashion mortals have. His always have at least two adjectives before the main character. "Friday-the-13th camp counselor/German tourist, because I like the Birkenstocks with the socks," is his word-for-word instantaneous answer when I ask about his look from yesterday. Cracks me up. Also, he makes you feel really good when he describes your specific look, even when no thought went into it at all (me today). If you want to write anything in comments here, I will love to read it. If you're bored at work or whatever.