Want to come to our staff meeting today?

Publish date:
May 22, 2013

I have about fifty million things in my phone that I mean to show you and forget. Here's one: footage from our last staff meeting where lovely commenter Nat Parnell (REAL name -- not a joke on Cat Marnell, as some of us thought) called in to join us and listen in on whatever craziness we were talking about that day (sometimes our meetings even cover stuff that's work-related -- Corynne tries to make them go that way, at least, and I do my best to derail her).

So who wants to call in today? We will listen to whatever you want to say, whatever feedback or ideas you have for us, or you can just be lurkerish and listen in as we go on and on about personal crap and have fights with each other and make up and cry and all those things we do in my office on Wednesday afternoons.

So tell excellent Lori if you want to be in our meeting (coming up in an hour and a half) below and she will give you the dial-in number. Are you in?