Dressing Like a Goofball, Take 12,307

Help Me Get Dressed
Publish date:
December 14, 2012
dressing funny, bedbugs

I am finally getting some of my stuff out of garbage bags post-bedbug situation.

I am so in love with these Hasbeen clogs that I sheep-like copied Gala and Alison on but having trouble with what legwear to wear them with. For my birthday, I wore them with pink sheer tights that made my legs look sunburned and not successful (I am thinking of all the euphemisms for sucky that I have come to use since becoming a mom -- like "she's a challenging personality" to describe a complete bitch or brat). Anyway, these are some old La Perla brown fishnets with a cool seam-like pattern going up the back that distinctly does not go with the ankle-strap. Go with the added goofballness of it? Socks? What would you wear with these, if you would wear them at all?

Oh, happy day!